Hemp Processing

See how Arbor Vita8’s state-of-the-art facilities are helping hemp farmers and manufacturers avoid the processing bottleneck.


Hemp Wholesale Products

Whether you’re a hemp farmer or a commercial hemp manufacturer, Arbor Vita8 can help you buy and sell high-quality hemp products.

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Hemp Retail Products

We offer consumers a broad selection of full-spectrum and T-free tinctures, topicals, and more. Check out our selections!


Your Partner For Commercial Hemp Processing & Wholesale Hemp Products

As the leading resource for licensed hemp processing and wholesaling, Arbor Vita8 is focused on helping our farming and manufacturing partners thrive. We’re serious about hemp and the opportunity it offers. If you feel the same way, then let’s get to work!


We think hemp farmers & manufacturers deserve a better experience

The flourishing hemp industry is full of possibility, but commercial farmers and manufacturers also face a lot of potential pitfalls. From processing bottlenecks to unreliable partners and underdeveloped infrastructure, we’ve experienced it all firsthand. In fact, it’s these experiences that drove us to fill in these gaps and help complete the commercial hemp supply line.

Our team of accomplished experts come from a diverse range of business and agricultural backgrounds. We operate on the belief that our core principles – reliable follow through, knowledgeable expertise, and deep relationship-building – are just as effective for hemp as they are for other industries. So if you’re looking to jump on the hype train or make a quick buck, then we’re not the partners for you. But if you’re serious about growing, processing, extracting, and selling the highest quality hemp products, then we encourage you to reach out today and learn more about our comprehensive services.

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Hemp Cultivation & Harvest Assistance

New to hemp farming? We partner with the best clone and seed providers and can connect you with the right experts based on your location and overall grow plan. Working directly with our network, you will get the most out of your hemp crop and enjoy higher yields and larger profits.

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Hemp Drying & Extraction

Beat the processing bottleneck with our high-capacity, state-of-the-art drying and extraction facility. We can extract your biomass into Crude, as well as, Full-Spectrum and Broad Spectrum (T-Free/NDT) distillate.

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Wholesale Hemp Products

If you’re a manufacturer looking for an anchor partner to secure your supply chain, our massive state-of-the-art facility and extensive reach means we are the right resource for all of your hemp-derived products – all at an unbeatable value.


Who We Serve

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Hemp Farmers

As investors in hemp farming, we’ve been burned before by false promises and a shaky infrastructure. So we know what matters most to your success, like processing capacity, crop expertise, harvesting assistance, and the ability to sell your product without hassle and stress. We can connect you with the expert consultants you need to be successful!

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Hemp Manufacturers

Consistent quality is the key for anyone who’s manufacturing products at scale. Our deep connections to the source – hemp farmers – ensure that we give our manufacturing partners access to a stable, high-volume, and high-quality source of oils, distillates, and more. Contact us today and see how we can help improve your operations.


Why We Exist

Our journey started in 2019 as investors in a hemp cultivation project in California.

We were growing 200 acres in an area where you could get three turns a year, and our expectations were high. Our processor promised to harvest our material once it was ready and told us that they had a buyer ready to purchase the oil.

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Everything was going to be great – until it wasn’t. It started with a low germination rate on the million seeds we purchased. Then over 30% of the plants were males and had to be ripped from the fields.

On the day of harvest, we figured out that the company who sold us the seeds and promised to harvest and sell our material had run off to Mexico.

We called and searched, but every processor was booked. Finally, we found one company, eight hours away, who was willing to process our biomass. Our team dropped off the biomass and headed back. That was the last time we spoke to the processor. They ghosted us.

We were smart people who have been in business for decades – how did we end up here? If this happened to us, who else did this happen to? Arbor Vita8 was born out of the need to resolve this bottleneck, and it’s why we decided to go big. The best dryers. The best extractors. A beautiful, clean, 75,000-sq-ft building on the border of Georgia and Alabama, built to make the industry better and help make our farmers’ and manufacturers’ businesses better. Our goal is to help people avoid the pitfalls we had in our farming days and use our in-house hemp cultivation and processing experts to grow your business.

About Our State-Of-The-Art Facilities

Unfortunately, we see a lot of smoke and mirrors in our industry. That includes other companies who use stock photos and vague language to obscure the fact that they don’t even have a suitable facility for any hemp processing – let alone the standards and scale needed for commercial operations.

That’s why we proudly extend an open invitation for potential or current partners to our Phenix City facility. We know how much work and investment went into building this state-of-the-art, 75,000-sq-ft hemp behemoth, and you can be damn sure that we want to get the most out of that effort.

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Hemp Success Starts With Hemp Education

You can’t make moves in the hemp industry without learning A LOT about this unique crop and how to process it. But that doesn’t mean you have to learn everything the hard way. In an effort to help both new and experienced hemp farmers and manufacturers, we compiled our collective knowledge into a resource center – check it out!



If You’re Serious About Hemp, Then You Need A Serious Partner


Our industry does not suffer fools gladly. Without putting in the hard work before, during, and after your harvest, there’s a million ways that things can go wrong. Crops can spoil in the field, processors can leave you hanging, and con artists can talk you out of a fair share of the profits.

That’s why we built a better way to grow, process, and extract hemp. It’s why we fix mistakes if we make them, and why we do what we say we’re going to do. We expect the same from our partners, and we reserve the right to only work with those who are willing to put in just as much work as us. If this sounds like the type of partnership you’re looking for, then we encourage you to reach out today!